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The San Diego Objectivist Network is a social and intellectual network for Objectivish folk in the San Diego area....

An intellectual and social network for people interested in both the examined life and the good life.

With strong roots in the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand, Objectivish folk love the pursuit of truth --- wherever it may lead; knowing that our commitment will keep us in the deep and fertile realms of science and individualism.

Our commitment to science reflects our respect for reason and the primacy of existence (an independent, 'objective' reality), and our openness to the ongoing development of our understanding through logical and empirical methods.

Our commitment to individualism reflects our recognition that every individual is an end in himself; that every individual's birthright is the pursuit of happiness --- a recognition which should guide any political institution we might employ to govern our social existence. Hence, individualists honor traditions like self-actualization, the good life, and classical liberalism or libertarianism.

The San Diego Objectivist Network will provide members and participants with opportunities to interact with others who share their strong common interest in the examined life.

A primary forum for this interaction will be our monthly salon, held on the first Saturday night of every month at a member's home.

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