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THURSDAY 6PM: Against The Brandens' Biographies! - San Diego Objectivist Network

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January 19th, 2005

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01:17 pm - THURSDAY 6PM: Against The Brandens' Biographies!
This event tonight looks certainly interesting -- from at least a couple

I plan to be there.

George ( georges_AT_pixelblip.com ) writes:

There is to be an informal champagne
reception, and I have heard rumors of some
possible pre-release copies of the book.

The San Diego Civil Liberties Society is putting
on a talk with the author of "The Passion of Ayn
Rand's Critics," James Valiant. James, one of the
first people allowed to review a good portion of
Ayn's personal writing, will be discussing his
forthcoming book, Thursday January 20th at 6pm.
San Diego County Bar Association Building, 1333
Seventh Ave, SD. (3rd floor in Bar Café.)

If you are interested, please let me know. CSPAN
should be there and it would be nice to have
smiling faces.

I found these links for the new book:


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